Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteer needs range from helping us on scheduled workdays, at any of the above-featured stewardship activities, to helping us manage litter at our entrances or alongside roadsides and trails. We always appreciate assistance with trash cleanup along the Milwaukee River at several of our sites.

Registration required for scheduled workdays by sending an email to Josh at jschlicht@owlt.org.

Stewardhip Volunteer Workshop
Virtual Event
Tuesday, April 13th
Cleanup Volunteers:

For Cleanups: We can work with you on an individual basis, on your own schedule, or you're always free to grab garbage bags and gloves and hit the trails!

In some cases we can pick up trash collected.


Preserve Cleanup: Properties that need the most monitoring for trash along trails and entrances will be Fellenz Woods, Forest Beach Migratory Preserve, Sauk Creek Nature Preserve, Huiras Lake, Donges Bay Gorge, Riverbend among others.


River Cleanup: Sites that need monitoring include Fellenz Woods, Riverbend, Decorah Woods, Kratzsch Conservancy, and Bratt Woods.

Volunteer Site Stewards:

Site Steward volunteers helps to actively maintain and manage a specific nature preserve. A love for nature and a desire to make our local natural areas a beautiful place for both people and wildlife are the only requirements. Interested volunteers are welcome to choose a preserve that they would like to make an impact on or consult with OWLT staff to find the perfect fit. Site stewards will work closely with OWLT stewardship staff to accomplish a variety of OWLT mission-based tasks. OWLT anticipates visiting preserves monthly or more often and complete the tasks that are consistent with the volunteer’s skills and comfort level.

Volunteer Equipment Stewards:

Equipment Steward volunteers will assist OWLT stewardship staff with regular equipment maintenance of hand tools, power equipment, and implements and will conduct troubleshoot and part replacement as appropriate. Duties include a variety of OWLT mission-based tasks. Staff will work with volunteers to determine their skills and comfort level. The schedule will be entirely up to the volunteer.

Volunteer Grounds Stewards:

Grounds Steward volunteers will assist OWLT staff with skilled tasks across our preserves or at a preserve of their interest. Staff is seeking assistance with mowing of trails, clearing of trail debris, removal of encroaching trail vegetation, and other mission-based tasks that require use of motorized equipment. Individuals with interest should live close to a preserve or have the ability to move equipment with their own vehicle. Staff can customize duties based on skills, transportation, and comfort level. We anticipate at least a monthly visit to each preserve the volunteer is responsible for. Some duties will require more frequent visits during the growing season.

Site Steward:


Wildlife Monitor:

This volunteer role is in charge of monitoring and recording wildlife. An example is salamanders and frogs in the spring at an assigned preserve. Salamander/Frog monitoring requires one day of setting up traps and a subsequent 5 consecutive days of checking traps. This will occur as soon as ice melts. Basic identification of species is necessary. OWLT Stewardship team will work with volunteers to provide the necessary training and resources. Help OWLT record valuable data to inform stewardship. Email Josh (jschlicht@owlt.org) if interested.

Click here for Preserve information and locations.

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In order to minimize the potential for infectious transmission of COVID-19, OWLT requires that staff, board and community members, participating in OWLT activities, adhere to state guidelines found at Wisconsin Department of Health Services.