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Welcome to the ‘Grazing Goats Crew’

Updated: May 19

This summer, the OWLT Stew Crew in partnership with the Mequon-Thiensville (M-T) Sunrise Rotary Club welcomes their newest recruits, the ‘Grazing Goats Crew’.

Last month, Mequon-Thiensville Sunrise Rotary Club’s request to bring goats-as-a-management-tool into Pukaite Woods at Rotary Park (adjacent to OWLT Spirit Lake Nature Preserve) to tackle buckthorn and other brushy invasive species was passed by the Mequon Parks & Open Spaces Board. Additionally the City Council Parks Department agreed to a “Special Event Agreement”, making an exception to the City ordinance that prohibits hooved animals from being in City parks. This achievement will hopefully become a regular occurrence to help sustainably remove invasive plant species.

Starting, June 15th, the Grazing Goats Crew along with M-T Sunrise Rotary and OWLT Stew Crew volunteers will begin work on this important invasive species management activity. Not only does this type of project support farmers, it allows for community engagement and keeps the goats happy by giving them a food source.

It is, also, beneficial as a sustainable management practice.

Avoiding the use of herbicides maintains soil and water health,

as well as, is friendly to our pollinators.

This activity is made possible by the generosity of M-T Sunrise Rotary Club to fund the fees from the farm Green Goats LLC, but more support is needed! The goats will be working on this project for several weeks and will return later in the season for a subsequent graze. We hope this demonstration project will lead to a local goat herd servicing the Ozaukee area in years to come. But for now, transportation from the farm to Mequon is a costly expense.

Join OWLT in the effort to support this environmentally-friendly invasive species eradication management activity. How can you get involved?

· Spread the word - Inform your network and share posts on social media! Community support is needed to make this an on-going sustainable invasive species effort.

· Sponsor a Goat – Donate and indicate 'Grazing Goat Crew' in the donation form comment area. Any amount makes a difference!

· Read more… at OWLT.org

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