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RESPECT all users of the Nature Preserves!

Nature preserves are a place for multiple uses by numerous users during the Spring season. These include:


With over 2000 acres of land accessible to the public the OWLT nature preserves offer opportunities for seasonal hiking, bird-watching, boating, fishing, hunting, etc. With the closing of other natural areas, OWLT is pleased that our PRESERVES REMAIN OPEN to the public. It is wonderful to see that the community can still safely engage with nature.

While visiting the preserves remember to adhere to the OWLT COVID-19 Guidelines.


The preserves are the home to many nature residents and it is currently nesting season for many inhabitants. In our role to respect these users, we must not disturb their environment. Do this by staying on the trails and watching the beauty of their activities from a distance. This is primarily important in regards to our pets. Pets can interfere and destroy the homes of the preserve inhabitants. Hence, all pets must be leashed and remain on the trails.


The health of the preserves are regularly monitored. "Leave no trace" is a necessary practice to ensure this preserve health.

This means do not leave anything behind or disturb the natural environment. Trash receptacles are not found on the preserves, so waste must be taken with you. Any waste, including pet droppings, are harmful to the environment in that they wash into the waterways. Any waste can pollute our rivers, lakes, and (as a result) our water supply.


Some of the nature preserves are also hunting grounds. It is currently turkey hunting season.

Visitors - Please research the preserves you are visiting and use extra precautions by wearing bright colors and keeping yourself and your leashed pet on the trails.

Hunters - Please note that during the COVID-19 crisis many visitors are utilizing the preserves. Be cautious and respectful!

Hunters must adhere to the OWLT guidelines and application procedures.



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