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Earth Day celebrates it's 50th year!

April 2020 - Stew News

by Ryan Wallin, Stewardship Director

The 50th Anniversary of Earth Day this week is shaded by a global pandemic, but thanks to you, OWLT is staying on mission and providing safe outdoor activities. Despite the new challenges we are all faced with, we are persevering and thriving with love and support from the good of our community.

This week we are focusing your good intentions and support on planting a section of forest at our Hurias Lake State Natural Area with 5,000 saplings. This activity presented a new challenge as we determined how to achieve the task while adhering to social distancing guidelines.

With careful planning and safety precautions (who would ever imagine disinfecting shovels!) our volunteers, working cooperatively but safely apart, are prevailing and have already planted over 1,000 trees.

We hope fifty years from now on the 100th Anniversary of Earth Day people who visit Huiras Lake will be able to enjoy the shade of these trees while looking back on these hard times and remember how we persevered as a community and lived the Ozaukee Washington Land Trust's motto: 

"Protect Today, Preserve Forever!"

As Josh Schlicht, OWLT Stewardship Coordinator, shared last month, 

"A natural escape is easily accessible with OWLT nature preserves."

Visit our new informational map.


Ryan Wallin

Stewardship Director

The time is now for you to make a difference on the 

50th Anniversary of Earth Day.




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