I provide...
shade on a blazing day,
shelter from pouring rain,
fruit when you are hungry,
branches on which to hang,
fresh air for you to breathe,
Now I offer a HUG!
HUG A TREE today!

During this time of social distancing, we advise all to stay safe and adhere to CDC recommendations.


But at this time, social isolation can be overwhelming and we could all use a HUG.

The trees in our own backyards are happy to receive one. If you are lucky enough to have a tree within reach HUG that tree!

If you don't have your own tree take a photo of a favorite tree out your window or while on a walk.

And SHARE YOUR PHOTOS so others can enjoy!


Photos can be posted in the nature category on the forum page or

on your Facebook account (tag - @owlt1992 and #NatureNOWHUGaTHON #HUGaTREEaTHON).


Your photos may appear on our wall here.